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This page last updated: 29th February 2012
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How Equality Act 2010 applies to adult communication impairments in Britain

  1. Introduction
  2. Disability
  3. Discrimination
  4. Employment
  5. Services
  6. Education
  7. Advice & links

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Equality Act 2010 and adult communication disabilities

Welcome to this website on how the Equality Act 2010 in Great Britain applies to speech, language and communication needs in adults.

This website deals with disability discrimination as regards, for example, aphasia, cerebral palsy, laryngectomy, MND, specific language impairment, stammering (or stuttering) and voice disorders. 'Great Britain' includes England, Wales and Scotland, but not Northern Ireland.

  • Introduction - introduction to the website, to Equality Act 2010, and to speech language and communication needs (SLCN) in adults.
  • Disability - what is protected as a 'disability' within Equality Act 2010?
  • Discrimination - the different types of discrimination and harassment under the Equality Act
  • Employment - including examples of adjustments both on recruitment and for existing employees
  • Services - provision of services and public functions, including some examples of adjustments
  • Education - post-18 education, including some examples of adjustments both in education and for exams
  • Advice and links - sources of advice, and links for more information.